Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cricut [7 Types Compared]

A Cricut machine works the same way as a printer; however, it cuts it out of any craft fabric you choose instead of printing a pattern. Heat transfer vinyl is used on fabric; however, many designers struggle to choose the best heat transfer vinyl for the job. So in that light, what are some of the best heat transfer vinyl for your Cricut?

  1. YRYM HT 26 Piece Mixed Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle
  2. J&JPACKAGING Washable Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets
  3. CAREGY Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl
  4. Siser EeasyWeed HTV Sheets
  5. Veenyl Velvety Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl
  6. Cricut Everyday Iron-on Vinyl
  7. SHOYISI Glow In Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

After your first few tests runs, it gets pretty easy to understand your Cricut. However, with all the different types of heat transfer vinyl out there, you may want to consider the overall material, feel, and aesthetic pleasure. That said, let’s take a closer look into what makes this list the best heat transfer vinyl for Cricut users in 2022.

7 Of The Best Heat Transfer Vinyls For Cricut

Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV for short, is one of many crafters’ favorite materials! So many crafters see a shirt at a store and immediately think to themselves, “I could make that!”

Using a Cricut to manufacture designs on shirts, purses, and other personalized items has become one of the most popular methods for DIY crafters to express themselves these days.

Vinyl has improved significantly in recent years; while some have a more glossy look but a rubbery-plastic feel, others have a matt texture that is pleasant to the touch, and some that glitter or glow in the dark!

However, there are many features to consider regarding the different types of heat transfer vinyl, including how often it can take a beating in the washing machine. So, starting with the YTYM 26 piece Mixed HT Vinyl here’s the value and unique designs they bring to your next fashion statement with your Circuit machine.

1. YRYM HT 26 Piece Mixed Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

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Source: Amazon

YRYM HT is first on the list, and they are a company that specifically targets to supply hard-to-find quality products and the best prices. YRYM HT is not a huge company; however, they have excellent, reliable suppliers who offer top-rated heat transfer vinyl.

Their heat transfer vinyl is thick and smooth, with excellent cutting application properties to weed smoothly through the patterns.

In addition to being pressure and temperature-sensitive, the heat press vinyl sheet is also easy to remove once the design has been applied to the appropriate surface. Furthermore, Cricut machines are seamlessly integrated with YRYM HTV products.

Their SGS certified eco-friendly, durable iron-on vinyl is ideal for adorning children’s clothing and accessories. In addition, their heat transfer vinyl bundle is excellent for athletic mesh textiles, cotton, polyester, cotton mix fabrics, and more.

Finally, YRYM HT suggests waiting 24 hours before washing the first time; as a result, your patterns will retain their color even after several washing cycles, with no fading, peeling, or cracking. Their 26 piece bundle on Amazon includes 20 vibrant colors, glitter sheets, and a bonus Teflon sheet, all at the size of 12-inches by 10-inches.

2. JANDJPACKAGING Washable Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

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Source: Amazon

Another excellent brand that supplies top-quality heat transfer vinyl is the JANDJPACKAGING store that of massive 43pack package on Amazon. Their heat transfer vinyl sheets are thin and dimensionally stable, with outstanding cutting application qualities.

This Amazon choice HT Vinyl bundle’s thickness is quite thin, making it easy to cut with most cutting machines, with reviewers praising its excellent compatibility with Cricut machines. Furthermore, the backside is white, making it simple to stack and differentiate the cutting side.

JANDJPACKAGING’s vinyl is also SGS certified, making it child and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, their vinyl is thin, soft, and simple to apply, making it ideal for beginners, and it adheres to the fabric effortlessly, holding up well in the wash.

Finally, this 43 pack bundle boasts 32 vibrant colors with five black and five white sheets, includes one Teflon sheet, and best of all, once your design has been applied, the fabric can be sent to the dry cleaners more than 50 times!

3. CAREGY Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Source: Amazon

Another Amazons Choice, with a whopping 83% of 5-star reviews from 17k+ passionate users, belongs to the CAREGY brand and their Chameleon heat transfer vinyl. This Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle has 12 sheets of high-quality PU HTV vinyl in six brilliant gradient changing colors to ulfil all of your project requirements.

When viewed from different angles, the unique material creates the impression of varied hues. In addition, the SGS certified eco-friendly materials with outstanding flexibility and softness are ideal for embellishing children’s clothing and accessories. A great present for Halloween, Christmas, or a birthday!

CAREGY retains a firm positive reputation on all of their quality items with their high elasticity durable material even after multiple washing cycles and will not quickly shed color, nor will they distort, according to numerous reviews.

4. Siser EeasyWeed HTV Sheets

best heat transfer vinyl for Cricut
Source: Amazon

Siser is a company that is all about heat transfer vinyl specifically for computerized cutting machines, such as the Cricut. That said, their EasyWeed sheets are among the best all-around iron-on vinyl for all types of materials, and it’s still a popular option among t-shirt designers and crafters.

It works at a lower temperature and pressure, can be peeled hot or cold, and is machine washable, and it also comes in a wide variety of colors!

The EasyWeed is one of the easiest HTVs to cut and weed, as its name suggests. Siser incorporates the Cricut’s identical vinyl cutting settings, eliminating the need for guesswork. Also, because your cut patterns will remain there thanks to the pressure-sensitive backing, weeding is a snap.

Siser’s heat transfer vinyl is CPSIA Certified (equivalent to SGS), indicating that it is suitable for children’s apparel and accessories. For decades, Siser has been creating high-quality heat transfer vinyl. It’s a trusted brand, so you know you’ll get the same high-quality vinyl every time.

Finally, Siser EasyWeed is long-lasting and won’t cause your clothes to wrinkle, crack, or peel. It’s tough enough to last through a typical wash cycle on clothing. It may also be dried on a standard-setting in the dryer.

5. Veenyl Velvety Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Source: Amazon

Veenyl is a brand that is rich in its supply of diversity in color HTV vinyl. Veenyl, who introduced their flock vinyl to the Amazon market in 2019, had been a risk for many crafters to try out but was found to deliver excellent results and gain a cult following ever since.

The smooth velvet-like soft surface of Veenyls Flock vinyl is unique. When applied, it’s incredibly thick and looks like iron-on patches. It’s a form of vinyl that’s become quite popular among crafters nowadays.

When delivered, each sheet is roughly 10-inch by 12-inch, making them ideal for Cricut machines. Veenyl, on the other hand, claims that the shirts can only be washed about ten times before losing their soft quality and that once the design is installed on the shirt, it would be best to be cleaned inside-out.

Finally, their flock variety comes in a set of 12, including royal blue, red, navy, pink, yellow, and orange. According to reviews, it would be best suited for a cool peel instead of hot.

6. Cricut Everyday Iron-on Vinyl

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Source: Amazon

Cricut has its very own brand for heat transfer vinyl that never disappoints, and what’s better for your Cricut machine but the materials that the same company supplies! However, Cricut is in sixth place due to its more costly heat transfer vinyl. That said, most crafters don’t mind paying for quality materials that last.

One of the best features of their products is that it outlasts more than 50 washes! Everyday Iron-On with StrongBond Guarantee works great on a broad range of substrates, even wood! Cutting intricate designs is a breeze with your Cricut machine, and weeding is a walk in the park to prepare for faultless application.

Make a T-shirt with an encouraging statement, create touching home décor, adorn items with one-of-a-kind patterns, and make one-of-a-kind presents that will be remembered. Use only one color or layer up to three colors for designs and projects that stand out. And of course, all Cricut cutting machines are compatible with this product.

7. SHOYISI Glow In Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

best heat transfer vinyl for Cricut
Source: Amazon

Last but not least, we have SHOYISI’s reputable Glow In Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl. As a result, what could be more thrilling than wowing the audience with a creative glow-in-the-dark Halloween design on your hoodie or t-shirt?

SHOYISI boasts a premium PU quality heat transfer vinyl, which offers the best stretching capabilities for repeated washing with a smashing record of over 110 washes, maintaining top-quality form after every wash! Furthermore, their glow-in-the-dark materials are SGS certified, making them eco-friendly and safe to wear.

Even though they are glow-in-the-dark, they are more expensive than most products on this list; however, their material is praised for being easy to weed and has a straightforward cutting procedure with Cricuts machines. Furthermore, due to the low heat needed, you may finish the operation using instruments such as household irons.

Finally, this HTV is excellent for T-shirts, shoes, and other textiles such as cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, and cotton/polyester blends.

The Best Heat Transfer Vinyl For Cricut: Buyers Guide

Most heat transfer vinyl packages are Cricut compatible; when it comes down to it, depending on the projects you’re working on, you’ll quickly find a brand that’s suitable for you and your needs.

My advice is designed to assist individuals new to picking the best quality vinyl for their machine and who lack the necessary expertise and experience. That said, the following are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the finest vinyl for your Cricut machine.

Understanding Heat Transfer Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl (traditional craft vinyl) is completely different from heat transfer vinyl, but both are available in various colors and finishes. Still, adhesive vinyl will always have a paper backing and be sticky to the touch after removing the backing.

That said, Heat Transfer Vinyl is not backed with paper. Instead, HTV uses a transparent plastic carrier sheet to protect the vinyl from the elements.

When applying a heat press or an iron, heat transfer vinyl bonds with different fabrics when pressure and heat are applied. As a result, cut the vinyl into elaborate designs and forms with your Cricut machine; the vinyl may then be pressed into clothing, caps, coats, pillows, quilts, and other fabric-based items.

Consider The Adhesive Strength

When choosing a product, look for one that prides itself on its adhesive strength. Choosing a brand with a poor adhesive will only annoy you since your designs will begin to curl up and fall off after only a few wash cycles.

Consider The Type Of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Although there are many styles and finishes to consider when choosing the design you have in mind, know that you have options. Heat transfer vinyl is commonly composed of polyurethane and comes in thin sheets that you can cut out and use to create your own designs. However, the following are some amazing vinyl types to choose from:

  • Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl is simple to cut, weed, and apply. It is ideal for newcomers to the die-cutting industry, traditional designs and may be obtained in practically any color and printed pattern. On cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton mixes may be applied with a home iron or a heat press.

TheCricut Everyday Iron-on Vinyl and JANDJPACKAGING Washable Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent example of the standard heat transfer vinyl.

  • Pearlescent Heat Transfer Vinyl is vinyl with an iridescent sheen. The metallic shine enhances fantastic finishes and brilliant hues. On cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton mixes may be applied with a home iron or a heat press.

The CAREGY Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent example of the pearlescent heat transfer vinyl.

  • The Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl has a true glitter finish that makes any design pop and adds a sophisticated touch to your outfit! Cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends can be treated with either a home iron or a heat press.

TheYRYM HT 26 Piece Mixed Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle includes glitter sheets and offers bundles on them specifically here.

  • Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl has a suede-like feel and is soft to the touch. Since it creates a raised look, it’s a great alternative to embroidery. It can be pressed onto cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends with a home iron or heat press.

Veenyl’s Velvety Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent example of flock heat transfer vinyl.

  • Finally, the Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl is the kind of vinyl that sleeps during the day and comes to life at night. This vinyl is great for Halloween costumes and nighttime runs. Cotton, polyester, and cotton-cotton blends can be pressed with a home iron or heat press.

SHOYISI Glow In Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl is a perfect example of this type of vinyl.

Consider The Durability And Vinyl Thickness

Although Cricut machines can deal with light and heavy vinyl, thin vinyl can be cut considerably faster and easier on the cutting blades.

Whether you’re crafting crafts for pals or starting a small company, you’ll want a product that will last. But, don’t be deceived; many knock-off products appear to be high-quality at first but fade or peel after only a few wash cycles.

Thankfully, reasonably priced, professional-grade vinyl is readily available; trust us when we say it’s well worth the extra money.

Consider The Color Variety

Consider what tasks you want to do before making your buy. If you like many colors, go for a multi-pack with a lot of them. If you want a more traditional approach to your vinyl job, stay with a bundle that includes the essentials.

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl Is The Softest?

In the world of HTV, flock vinyl has the softest touch. This felt-like vinyl provides a velvety depth to any design and is recommended for cotton, polyester, and cotton blends. When pressed, flock offers a soft, raised look, making it ideal for eccentric t-shirts or sports numbers.

You’d think that a textured material like flock would be difficult to cut, weed, and apply, but that’s not the case. You can always depend on flock vinyl to be easy to weed, whether you’re using it as a backdrop for a lot of layers or cutting out an exceptionally complicated piece.

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl Is The Thinnest?

Siser’s EasyWeed Sheets heat transfer vinyl combines all of the benefits of their EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl with exceptional stretchability to produce one incredible HTV! Again, when using a Cricut machine, cutting a complicated, detailed design with thin HTV material is a breeze.

That said, EasyWeed Stretch is the thinnest of all the materials on this list, with a natural matte finish and over 20 popular colors.


Cricut machines have blessed crafters with the ability to create beautiful, creative, and incredible designs! However, the machine may produce excellent results, but the material used is just as important as it represents the overall artwork. As a result, this list presents the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts you can find in 2022, suited to meet all crafting levels.