How To Wear Oversized T-Shirts (Girls Edition)

An oversized t-shirt is a comfortable, chic, and casual outfit that looks great on any body type – but not every girl knows how to pull off this streetwear. They’re pretty new to the scene, but that’s no reason to feel intimidated. Still, many girls ask, how do you wear an oversized t-shirt?

Buy a t-shirt two to four sizes larger than your standard size. A girl’s oversized t-shirt should end at your mid-thigh and have sleeves that fall to your elbows. They’re best for casual outfits that highlight your legs, and they pair well with jackets, boots, and belts.

Now that we’ve grasped the basics of the oversized t-shirt, we can perfect the look. Baggy clothes are perfect for a relaxed and laid-back style, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be chic or edgy either. This article will show how to wear a girl’s oversized shirt to maximum effect for various occasions.

Outfit Ideas Using Oversized T-Shirts For Girls

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Baggy t-shirts are great since they’re so versatile – you can wear them as a blouse, dress, or even tied in a knot, so they’re as short as a crop top. Wearing one, you’ve got endless possibilities.

However, that means that it’s vital you buy an oversized shirt in the correct size. Choosing a t-shirt two sizes larger than your normal size will be ideal for most women. If you’re particularly tall, you could go up to four sizes larger so that the shirt is the proper length on you.

Similarly, you could also buy a men’s t-shirt. Keep in mind that men’s sizes are roomier than the equivalent women’s size. Instead of needing an L, you might only need an M or even an S depending on your frame.

We recommend you go for a plainer shirt too. While there’s nothing wrong with graphic tees, bold and complex designs can heavily limit what you wear with the shirt. So, simple is better. A plain white t-shirt is ideal – especially since white outfits are chic.

Also, it’d be best if you went for simple accessories. An oversized t-shirt is casual, so it’ll clash badly with elaborated jewelry unless that’s what you’re explicitly trying to do.

Last, if you prefer to dress more modestly, feel free to wear bike shorts under your oversized shirt. That way, if there’s any wind, you won’t have any trouble.

Similarly, wearing leggings or tights under your shirt is a good idea in winter. That way won’t the wind give you trouble but the cold weather won’t either. A baggy t-shirt and leggings are also a great look on their own, tucked or untucked.

Without further ado, here are five cute ways girls can wear an oversized t-shirt.

Oversized T-Shirt As It Is, With Sneakers Or Boots

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The simplest way to wear your oversized t-shirt is to wear it as it is. Wear just the shirt – no-frills, no overcomplicated accessories. This look is streetwear at its best, and it shows off your legs too.

If you want to accessorize it, we recommend doing something with the shirt itself. Consider rolling up the sleeves for a clean finish or dropping one of the shoulders to look even chicer.

This outfit is nice because you have an almost unlimited choice of footwear too. Our favorites are plain white sneakers for that relaxed urban look or knee-high boots for something a little more striking. Either is excellent, and you could even wear the sneakers during the day and then switch over for date night.

Oversized T-Shirt As A Dress

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Since an oversized t-shirt is so long, it can also make for a stylish dress – our favorite way to wear one. Wear your baggy shirt as before. Only now add a belt bag or fanny pack around the waist.

Doing so cinches in your waist and highlights your hips and bust. It’s also convenient – you have a bag around your waist now, so feel free to make use of it.

If you’re more of a handbag girl, though, that’s okay too. In that case, trade out your fanny pack for your favorite handbag, and cinch in your waist with a regular belt instead. Depending on the occasion, you could finish this look with sneakers or low heels.

Oversized T-Shirts With Overalls Or Dungarees

Wear your oversized t-shirt under dungarees or overalls for a fun and sporty look. This outfit is relaxed while still having some character to it – and it’s a superb way to wear baggy on baggy also.

To keep the chill vibes going, complete this look with casual shoes – sneakers or trainers work best, we’ve found. Or, for those hot summer days, try a pair of sandals.

Likewise, since this look is best in summer, you could go for shorts dungarees also. It’s a fascinatingly hip look, especially if you tuck in your oversized t-shirt too. Finish it off with a cute backpack and funky socks, and you’re all set for a picnic or outdoor concert.

Oversized T-Shirt With A Blazer

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If you’re feeling particularly chic, then wearing your baggy t-shirt with a blazer is the outfit for you. Doing so gives volume and adds a level of formality.

While you probably can’t go into the office looking like this, it is the ultimate look for brunches, cocktail parties, and date nights.

Depending on the weather, you can leave the t-shirt as is, or finish it with either shorts or high-waist dress trousers. We prefer shorts the same color as the shirt, and then tucking our oversized shirts into them. Adding a belt in a contrasting color is the perfect complement to this look, making you stand out as a girl with her life – and her style – in order.

Add A Pair Of Jeans To An Oversized T-Shirt

A t-shirt and jeans is an outfit that has stood the test of time – and it works wonderfully with oversized t-shirts too. Combine your baggy shirt with your favorite pair of jeans, and finish this look off with white sneakers for that casual look.

If you want to leave your shirt tucked or untucked, it’s up to you, but we prefer neither. Instead, tie the shirt into a knot at the front to look extra cute. That’s an eye-catching look that’ll add some flair to this otherwise minimalist outfit.

If you’d like, you can layer this outfit too. Although a jacket works great when worn on the shoulders, scarves are also a good choice. Sunglasses plus a silk scarf knotted around the neck can give this outfit an additional edge level.


To conclude, it’s easy for girls to be chic, sporty, or even edgy when wearing an oversized t-shirt. Choose one that’s two to four sizes larger than your usual, and combine it with the casual pieces in your wardrobe for straightforward but striking streetwear looks.