How to Source High-Quality T-Shirt Blanks and Suppliers

Sourcing high-quality T-shirt blanks and suppliers is a crucial aspect of running a successful custom T-shirt business or fashion brand. The quality of your blanks directly impacts the end product and customer satisfaction. This article will guide you through the process of finding the perfect T-shirt blanks and reliable suppliers, helping you take your business to the next level.

Why Sourcing High-Quality T-Shirt Blanks Matters

Comfort and Durability

High-quality T-shirt blanks are made of premium materials, providing comfort and durability to the wearer. A comfortable and long-lasting product will keep your customers coming back for more.

comfortable t shirts

I grew a t-shirt brand to 6 figures in just over a year. I can say that the “quality” of the t-shirts was one of the most common things mentioned in all my reviews. This is true for both my Shopify store and my Etsy shop.

Print Quality

The quality of the T-shirt blank directly affects the print quality. A high-quality blank will ensure your designs look sharp, vibrant, and last longer.

t shirt print quality

My personal favorite is Bella Canvas 3001 tees. The ringspun cotton in these shirts is soft, and the prints look vibrant.

Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction

Your brand’s image is directly tied to the quality of your products. Offering high-quality T-shirts will enhance your brand image, create customer loyalty, and lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing.

high quality t shirt

The designs and customer service have a lot to do with customer satisfaction. But if you put a great design on a scratchy, boxy shirt and ship it quickly, your customer is not going to be pleased with the shirt. Getting repeat business will depend on these three things: design, shirt quality, and customer service.

Determining Your T-Shirt Needs

Before you start searching for suppliers, it’s essential to determine your T-shirt needs.


The material of your T-shirt blanks should align with your brand’s values and target audience. Some popular options include 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton-polyester blend, and tri-blend.

cotton triblend 5050

100% cotton was my personal favorite. But 50/50 and tri-blend are great for “vintage” designs and they also have almost no shrinkage.


Determine the styles you want to offer, such as crewneck, V-neck, or long sleeve.

crew neck and v neck t shirts

You can offer one or all three. Personally I have found crew neck short sleeve shirts to be the best sellers overall. While v-neck tees are great for some ladies’ designs. Long sleeve is a great option (especially if you are using print-on-demand) to offer as an alternative for your best designs.


Ensure you have a comprehensive range of sizes to cater to your entire customer base.

If you are printing and stocking your own inventory, I can tell you that Adult Large and Adult X-Large will be the two sizes that sell out the quickest. Make sure you have a few more of each design in the most popular sizes.

Steps to Source High-Quality T-Shirt Blanks

Follow these steps to find the best T-shirt blanks for your business:

Research Potential Suppliers

Start by searching for suppliers online. Visit their websites, read reviews, and gather information about their products and services.

google wholesale blank t shirts

The easiest way to start this research is simply to Google search “wholesale blank t-shirts” or “blank t-shirt supplier” and see what your options are. I will recommend some of the ones I know are in the top tier later in this article.

Evaluate Supplier Reputation

Check for customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings to assess the supplier’s reputation. Look for suppliers with positive feedback and a history of reliable service.

I always check trusted review sites like, not the supplier websites. See the example below for They have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot.

shirtspace reviews

Request Samples

Order samples from your shortlisted suppliers to evaluate the quality and fit of their products. Test the samples for comfort, durability, and print quality.

This is really easy to do. Most suppliers have eCommerce websites nowadays, so you can just order one of each style if you like. I always order my own size (Adult Large) to test them all out and see how they fit me. Then I can give an accurate depiction of the fit in my “product descriptions”.

shirtspace ecommerce site

Compare Prices and Minimum Order Quantities

Analyze the prices and minimum order quantities offered by different suppliers. Choose a supplier that fits your budget and order requirements.

Most suppliers don’t have minimums these days. Instead they have quantity breaks as we discussed earlier. You can order 1 t-shirt or 100. The cost per shirt at a quantity of 100 will be much less than the price of one t-shirt.

Consider Shipping and Lead Times

Evaluate shipping costs and lead times. A supplier that offers fast shipping and reasonable lead times is more likely to meet your business needs.

Tips for Working with Suppliers

Establish Clear Communication

Ensure you maintain clear and open communication with your supplier. Discuss your requirements, ask questions, and address any concerns you may have.

The biggest thing is make sure you find a supplier that has great customer service. If you have questions about placing an order or checking on an existing order or products, you want to be able to speak with a real person.

Negotiate Pricing and Payment Terms

Negotiate with your supplier to get the best possible pricing and payment terms that suit your business needs. Building a strong relationship with your supplier can lead to better deals in the long run.

Often, with larger suppliers, you won’t have much negotiation leverage, especially if you are starting out. But you can get quantity break pricing, meaning you can pay less per t-shirt if you buy a higher quantity. These quantity grids are usually available on the eCommerce sites so you know exactly what your prices will be, depending on the size of your orders.

Monitor Quality Consistently

Regularly assess the quality of the T-shirt blanks you receive. Consistent monitoring will help you identify any quality issues early on and address them with your supplier.

Top T-Shirt Blank Manufacturers

Here are some top T-shirt blank manufacturers to consider for your business:

  1. Bella+Canvas
  2. Gildan
  3. Next Level Apparel
  4. Anvil
  5. American Apparel

Do thorough research on each supplier, as their offerings may differ in terms of quality, price, and variety. Each t-shirt blank brand is different and the above 5 are my top choices for any brand.

Top T-Shirt Blank Suppliers

Here are some top T-shirt blank suppliers to consider for your business:


These are my top 5 choices for t-shirts. While Bella Canvas doesn’t have a solid review score on Trustpilot it is 3 on the list due to the quality of the company and the products. The other four companies in the list all have eCommerce supplier websites and have high review scores on Trustpilot.


Sourcing high-quality T-shirt blanks and suppliers is essential for the success of your custom T-shirt business or fashion brand. By following the steps and tips provided in this article, you can find the perfect T-shirt blanks and build a strong relationship with reliable suppliers. Remember, investing in quality will pay off with satisfied customers and a solid brand reputation.


What materials are commonly used for T-shirt blanks?

Common materials include 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton-polyester blend, and tri-blend (cotton, polyester, and rayon).

How can I ensure the print quality on my T-shirt blanks is excellent?

Start by sourcing high-quality blanks, as they provide a better surface for printing. Additionally, work with experienced printers and use high-quality inks and printing techniques.

Is it essential to order samples from suppliers before placing a bulk order?

Yes, ordering samples allows you to evaluate the quality, fit, and comfort of the T-shirt blanks firsthand, ensuring you make an informed decision.

How do I negotiate pricing with suppliers?

Establish a strong relationship with your supplier, communicate your needs clearly, and ask for better pricing or payment terms. Be prepared to discuss your order volumes and the potential for future business to strengthen your negotiating position.

How can I maintain a good relationship with my T-shirt supplier?

Communicate openly and regularly, pay invoices on time, provide feedback on their products, and work together to resolve any issues that may arise.