Crew Neck vs. Round Neck Compared: What’s the Difference?

In spite of whether you are a buyer or a seller of T-shirts, it will be helpful to know the differences between the types of necklines, fabric types, and the fit and style of a T-shirt. A classic crewneck can be dressed up or down, while a round neck is worn for comfort.

Under the round neck category, you get different types of necklines. A crewneck refers to the shape of a round neckline. Both crewneck and round neck shirts are collarless. 

So what’s the main difference between the Crew and Round neck t-shirt?

Both are round-neck shirts. The crew neck is cut tighter and closer to the neck, and the round neck is cut looser and shows more of the neck.

Like me, if you thought that crewnecks and round necks were the same, you would be incorrect. There are a few more differences between these two necklines, which are discussed further in the article below.

The Neckline Shape Differs Between Crew Neck And Round Neck

One of the significant differences between a crew neck and a round neck is the neckline’s shape.

A crew neck is a circular neckline fitted close to the neck. Crew necks are cut so close to the neck that no part below the neckline is exposed.

Listed below are various types of round necklines

Crew Neck

crew neck vs. round neck compared

This refers to a type of T-shirt or sweater. A crew neck is cut high and close to the base of the neck. The crew neck T-shirt was first worn as an undergarment in 1932. They were worn first by rowers in 1939, and then later adopted by American Footballers for their sweat absorption and for preventing chafing caused by the shoulder pads on their sports uniforms.

Jewel Neckline

A Jewel neckline is found on dresses and sweaters. It is also a type of circular neck without a collar. This type of neckline is cut wider and deeper than a crew neck but still maintains the round shape.

Scoop Neckline


The circular shape is dropped significantly below the neck with a scoop neckline, unlike a crew neck or jewel neck. A scoop neckline is cut low enough to elegantly show off a lady’s décolletage in women’s wear. 

Although the neckline is cut lower, the round shape is still maintained and is clearly discernible. The disadvantage of this round-neck style is that it is easier for the wider neckline to stretch after numerous washes. 

Therefore, to avoid stretching, it is advisable to ensure round-neck T-shirts are manufactured in higher-quality fabrics. 

Finishing Method Differs Between Crew Neck And Round Neck

On a crew neck T-shirt or sweater, you will often find a separate piece, called a ribbing, attached around the T-shirt’s neckline. The ribbing is attached separately onto the T-shirt’s neckline utilizing a cover seam machine that gives the T-shirt a smoother look.

Depending on the garment’s style and fabric type, the various round necklines can be finished by rolling over the edge neckline and hemming. Alternatively, like the crew neck, it can have a rib attached to it as a separate piece.

Garment Types Differs Between Crew Neck And Round Neck

Traditionally, crew necks are found mainly on T-shirts and sweaters. They were first worn by men but have evolved and worn by both sexes. Due to the crew neck being cut close to the neck, T-shirts and sweaters with this neckline style are easily adaptable for a casual or semi-casual look.

  • A scoop neckline is generally found on ladies’ tops. The other round neck types are found essentially on ladies’ garments. On these garments, the front of the neckline is dropped to below the neck, closer to the chest. 
  • Ballet necklines also found on women’s garments have a more feminine cut. The neckline is cut wider, showing off the neck and the shoulders, back, and collar bone. 
  • A jewel neck is a slightly wider cut round neckline. It is so-called because it draws attention to the jewelry piece or pendant worn around the neck and face.

Crew Neck Vs. Round Neck: Layering Up

Crew neck T-shirts allow one the opportunity to dress in layers. Because it is close-fitting, the crew neck is worn as a base layer. The second layer of either a longer T-shirt, sweater, or top is worn over it to create a look that shows off the different layers and contrasts of the outfit. 

Because most round necks are cut away from the neck, they are most suitable for warmer weather when you don’t mind showing off the neck, chest, and shoulders. However, this cannot be done with the other types of round necks. They are often worn as a single layer, with either a jacket or heavier sweater under colder conditions. 

Crew Neck Vs. Round Neck: Printing

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It is vitally important to check and verify with your T-shirt supplier before you finalize an order whether he will be supplying you with a round or crew neck. This is especially important if you will be printing onto the T-shirt.

A crew neck is best for printing larger designs because more space is available from the neck to the chest.

 Because it is cut away from the neckline and exposes more of the neck and shoulders, a round neck is suitable for smaller designs. These types of T-shirts are best worn over the summertime. 

As a T-shirt seller who creates a range of unique, exciting T-shirts, I would suggest you select the round neck shirts. The rationalization behind this is that you can ensure buyers will be wearing the T-shirts by themselves and showing off your incredible designs.

In many cases, a crew neck is hidden beneath another sweater or shirt, hiding the design or print.

Crew Neck Vs. Round Neck: Fit Of T-shirt

As opposed to round neck T-shirts, which are of a looser fit, crew neck T-shirts are more fitted, accentuating the figure and hiding most of the lower neck area. Therefore many people choose to wear crewneck T-shirts under their loose-fitted garments. If, however, you are confident enough to wear a crew neck T-shirt, don’t allow any person to stop you from doing so!

Being of a looser fit, T-shirts with round necks are more comfortable and most often hang off the body.

The History And Future Of The Crew Neck T-shirt

The crew neck T-shirts have certainly had a long and very colorful history, from being used as undergarments to being dyed by the US Navy using coffee. Many sportspeople later used them because they offered better sweat absorption and comfort. 

In 2015, a new movement popularly known as “Athleisure” brought to the United States from the United Kingdom saw a revival of the crew neck Ts. This new movement combined athletics with casual everyday wear. They are once again at the forefront of fashion, offering versatility and functionality, and will continue to be icons in the clothing industry.


When you look at a T-shirt, you can tell whether it is a crew neck or round neck. Although subtle, the differences between the crewneck and the round neck impact the garment’s fit and functionality. Crewnecks are more form-fitting and can be worn to create a layered effect. Round neck T’s are fun, flighty, comfy, adapted more for summer weather.

Choose a T-shirt that reflects your style and individuality. Let your T-shirt speak a language of its own, and you enjoy the attention!