Comfort-fit vs. Regular Fit Shirt (What’s the Difference?)

Shopping for shirts can be frustrating. There are so many different styles and cuts; how do you know which is right for you and how to narrow it down. Two of the most popular styles of shirts are often labeled as comfort fit and regular fit. What is the difference?

Comfort-fit shirts often have some extra room throughout, especially in the chest and torso area. They also sometimes have thin elastic woven into the fabric for added comfort. Regular fit shirts are also comfortable but look a little less baggy than comfort fit styles.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each style and explore their similarities and differences and hopefully help you choose the best fit for you. You really can’t go wrong with either of them, however!

Comfort-Fit Shirts

Comfort-fit shirts are very popular for their level of comfort, as their name would suggest. As stated above, they are usually roomier than other styles of shirts, giving the wearer more space in the chest and torso area.

These types of shirts can also be called relaxed fit, classic fit, or natural fit. They are cut broader across the shoulders and sides and sometimes are tapered down to the waist

Sometimes, comfort-fit shirts are even woven with tiny pieces of stretchy elastic to give the shirt even more stretch adding to the feel of coziness. 

Although this style of shirt is cut to be roomier and give the wearer added comfort, it still gives the body some shape, just without restrictions. A comfortable fit shirt tends to look the best on more slender body types as opposed to a fuller figure.

However, that does not mean that fuller-figured people could not wear this style.

Regular Fit Shirts

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Regular fit shirts are not too different from comfort fit styles. This style also fits more loosely around the body of the person wearing it, but it doesn’t completely lack shape. It is more form-fitting than comfort-fit shirts, showing off the natural shape of the person wearing the shirt.

The cut allows the fabric to drape closely around the body while still maintaining a good level of comfort. Regular fit shirts are also designed with fuller sleeves and wider armholes than comfort fit.

Regular fit shirts look great on everyone but might be better for someone with a fuller frame. This is because the sleeves, made a bit larger, will be filled out better by someone with larger arms.

Are Comfort Fit and Regular Fit Shirts Different for Men and Women?

The main difference between these styles for men and women is the way they are tailored. The overall fit generally stays the same between genders. Comfort fit is roomier than regular fit and so on.

When it comes to women’s shirts, regardless of the fit, the tailoring tends to taper in at the waist and then flow back out as you reach the bottom of the shirt.

Women’s shirts also have a tighter fitting sleeve, although regular fit shirts may leave a little extra room in that area

As mentioned earlier, comfort fit shirts and regular fit shirts are a little looser around the body, and this primarily applies to men’s shirts in these styles.

Overall, the main design and purpose behind these styles remain similar for both men and women, and the options are plentiful for both.

Where Can I Buy Comfort-Fit Shirts?

comfort-fit vs. regular fit shirt

Comfort-fit shirts are very easy to find in all types of clothing stores. Depending on how much you wish to spend on your clothing, they are readily available for different price points.

Places such as large department stores and even second-hand stores will usually have a large selection available for both of these styles. You can find them for really reasonable prices and in a lot of different patterns and colors.

If you want to spend a bit more money on your clothing, you can rest assured there will be comfortable fit and regular fit options out there for you to purchase. Mid-level to higher-end brands have added plain and patterned t-shirts to their line-up, catering to clients with a more relaxed style.

Some brands may differ slightly in how the shirt is made, using different fabrics and varying measurements. There is no one standard for exactly how these styles should be made.

Where Can I Buy Regular Fit Shirts?

Just like comfort fit shirts, regular fit shirts are readily available in most stores, both low-end and high-end. Many of these distinct cuts are clearly labeled so you can be sure you’re getting the exact style you want.

Another option to buy these shirts is the custom route. Custom clothing has taken off as an option for those wanting clothing that is perfectly tailored for their individual body from the start.

Going the custom route means all of your individual measurements will be taken, and the tailor will be able to ensure that each shirt will fit you like a glove.

Custom clothing has become more affordable over the years, so the service is much more accessible to all. Shopping for regular-fit shirts is easy with all of these options out there.


As you can see, the difference between regular fit shirts and comfort fit shirts is really very small. The main difference is comfort fit shirts have more room and are cut more broadly across the shoulders. They are also usually tapered down to the waist, more so in women’s shirts.

Regular fit shirts are also comfortable but help to frame the body slightly more while giving extra room in the sleeves. Each style can be worn by just about anyone looking for added comfort in their wardrobe.

There is no shortage of comfort fit and regular-fit shirts out there, and once you make your choice between the two styles, you will have plenty of different stores to explore and hopefully find that perfect, comfortable shirt!