Bella Canvas Size Chart: Sizing for Bella Buyers & Sellers

With the ever-growing popularity of fast-fashion brands and Instagram make-overs, it’s easy to forget that clothing sizes are not universal.

Even though Bella Canvas lists its t-shirts in extra small through 4XL sizes, that doesn’t mean that those shirts will fit you or your customers.

The Bella Canvas Size Chart is the only certified size chart that details how their t-shirts fit based on chest and body length from HPS (highest point of shoulder).

Below we have provided the official Bella Canvas Size Chart, and we’ve created several Bella Size Charts that you can download and use if you sell Bella Canvas t-shirts.

Bella Canvas 3001 Size Chart

The most popular Bella Canvas t-shirt is the Bella Canvas 3001. This is the most popular brand on Etsy, and it’s been the biggest seller in my Shopify and Etsy stores since 2020. The one thing about Bella Canvas 3001 tees is they are longer than most t-shirts I’ve bought or sold.

The Bella 3001 is a Unisex shirt, which is suitable for both men and women. Be that as it may, many customers want to know precisely how the shirt fits, and the sizing chart is the way to make sure they get the correct information before buying the shirts.

Bella Canvas 3001 Downloadable Sizing Charts

If you run an Etsy or Shopify t-shirt store, you have an opportunity to provide the best experience for your customers. One way to do that is to provide as much information about your products as possible. Customers want to know what brand of shirt you print on, the type and quality of material, and the sizes.

You can list the brand information, like Bella Canvas 3001 in the t-shirt description. You can also include the material information. This often comes standard with a Printify listing. But the sizing chart is one of the most important elements that help your customer know they are making the right purchase. It also helps reduce and prevent returns.

Below are a few Bella Canvas 3001 Sizing Charts we created that you can download to use on your t-shirt product pages. Simply ‘right click and save as’ the sizing charts you would like to use:

Bella 3001 Sizing Chart Black
Bella Canvas 3001 Sizing Chart | Black & White
Bella Canvas 3001 size chart white
Bella Canvas 3001 Sizing Chart | White
bella canvas 3001 size chart yellow
Bella Canvas 3001 Size Chart | Black & Yellow

Chest Measurement

The chest measurement width is a measurement from the bottom of your armpits across the front of the chest, from left to right. It’s a great indication of how loose or tight a shirt will be around your upper body. For example, if you’re looking for an oversized fit, you’ll want to find a brand with a wider chest width. On the other hand, if you prefer a more fitted look, you’ll want to find a brand with a narrower chest width.

Body Length from HPS

The Body Length from HPS is the length of the t-shirt from the base of the neck or the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. On the Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt, it’s the distance from the edge of the collar at the neck to the base of the hem at the bottom of the shirt.

This length will give you a good idea of how long the shirt will be. Since Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts tend to run longer than many t-shirts, these tees tend to be favorites will people who have longer torsos, and people who want the shirt to provide some cover around the bottom of the shirt.


A lot of people find it hard to believe that one brand’s size small isn’t the same as another brand’s size small. To avoid confusion and disappointment, read up on the Bella Canvas Size Chart before making your next t-shirt purchase. It’s also important to show the sizing chart for customers if you own a t-shirt store.

Note: The downloadable Bella Canvas size charts in this article are copyrighted and owned by You may use any of these charts in your store. However, you may not resell any of these custom-designed downloadables.