10 T-shirt Cutting Techniques You Should Know

We all have old t-shirts that are causing our wardrobes to be cluttered and messy, but we don’t want to throw the t-shirts away as we are sentimental creatures. Thankfully, you don’t have to throw them away, as you can re-design the old t-shirts into something brand new. Here are the t-shirt cutting techniques you should know.

Cutting your t-shirts can be an easy task, and there are many techniques you can use. Some of these fun techniques include the one-shoulder t-shirt cut, the lace t-shirt cut, the front tie cut, the cold shoulder cut, the V-neck cut, the muscle cut, and the fringe cut, to only name a few!

How do you create these cuts in your t-shirts? How easy are these cuts to do? We will answer these questions and more in this article!

The 10 Best Ways To Cut T-Shirts

If you are like most people in the world, you might have a collection of old T-shirts in your wardrobe that you now never wear as they don’t match your style, or they are looking a bit too shabby. Before you toss them away, you might be wondering if there is any way to re-purpose these old T-shirts and give them a new life, so to speak.

Well, you are in luck! Those old T-shirts can be a great source of creativity for you as you can cut them to give them a new style that better matches your look. There are several t-shirt cuts that you can choose from to make your old t-shirts look like new. Let’s take a look at the most popular t-shirt cutting techniques that you should know.

1. The One Shoulder T-Shirt Cut Off

The one-shoulder t-shirt cut, otherwise known as a variation of the cold shoulder cut, is an extremely popular style and is one of the hottest cuts today. T-shirts with this cut can have a high price tag if you buy them new in stores, but you can easily recreate this cut at home with one of your old t-shirts.

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This cut is easy to replicate as you only need to cut one shoulder from your t-shirt in a triangle shape from the collar to the middle of the upper arm, leaving the collar intact. This creates a lovely off-the-shoulder look, while the collar keeps the shirt in place.

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you can sew a hem where you cut it to give the t-shirt a cleaner look. However, this is not necessary if you are going for the grunge look.

2. The Fringe T-Shirt Cut

The fringe t-shirt cut is another very simple and easy execute t-shirt cut reminiscent of the 80s style as it is considered a “hippie” style. This t-shirt cut is very popular among the young adult demographic, and it can be a lovely summer t-shirt that brings out your uniqueness.

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With this t-shirt cut, you need to cut the sleeves off, making the shirt into a strap top or tank top. Then measure and mark a point on the t-shirt above the belly button. Once that is done, start cutting fringes into the t-shirt from the bottom up until the mark you have created.

The fringes can be as thick or thin as you like. Cut these fringes all around the t-shirt, in the back as well. Once the fringes are cut, you can intertwine them to create a unique pattern that suits your style.

3. The Lace T-Shirt Cut

This t-shirt cut will require you to use your sewing skills, but it is worth the effort as this DIY t-shirt cut creates a shirt with a very delicate and feminine look that is stunning. You will need to buy a piece of lace for this DIY t-shirt cut.

To create this cut, you need to cut the sleeves off the t-shirt, following the seam of the sleeves and cut the collar into a rounded collar to create a tank top. Then measure a line in the middle of the t-shirt from top to bottom.

Use this line as a guide to creating a triangle in the middle of the shirt with the guideline in the middle of the triangle. Cut out the triangle in the t-shirt. Measure and cut the piece of lace into the same triangle shape and sew the lace in the triangle cut on the shirt.

You now have a lovely and dainty triangle lace top that can be worn almost anywhere as it is easy to dress up for formal occasions.

4. The Neckline Blade T-Shirt Cut

The neckline blade t-shirt cut creates a more edgy look that is highly popular among the grunge crowd. This look can give your style a bit of roughness to make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

This t-shirt cut is one of the easiest cuts to create, and all the equipment you need is a pair of scissors. To create this cut, simply cut straight lines from the top of the t-shirt down to just above the breastbone.

You need to leave gaps between the cuts and leave the collar intact, so you will need to match your cuts on the front of the shirt with the cuts on the back of it to make sure they line up and look clean. You can then carefully stretch the holes out to make the t-shirt relax in the cut, giving it a more natural look.

5. The Front Tie T-Shirt Cut

The front tie t-shirt is a classic t-shirt style for a reason. This t-shirt cut is cute and, if you cut it correctly, you can wear it backward too, which creates a lovely chic look and brings your style to a new level.

To create this t-shirt cut, you will need to cut the shirt’s sleeves off to make a tank top. You can follow the seams of the sleeves or use a marker to outline the cuts first. You will also need to cut off the collar of the t-shirt.

Once you have made these cuts, you can move on to the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut the hem of the bottom of the t-shirt in the shape of a V on the front of the shirt, with the back having a straight crop top cut.

Then cut in the middle of the shirt at the front, until the belly button. This should create two pieces that you can tie together, making the tie t-shirt effect.

6. The Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Cut

The cold shoulder cut is a highly popular t-shirt cut similar to the off-the-shoulder cut we have previously mentioned in this article. This t-shirt cut is trending among the young adult demographic as it is a chic look that can be dressed up well for evening wear.

To create this t-shirt cut, you can use scissors and leave it like that, or you can use a sewing machine to clean up the edges a bit, creating a tidier-looking shirt. If you will be using a sewing machine, you will need to cut the collar off the t-shirt, creating a slightly deep rounded collar on the front and back of the shirt.  

Using the material you cut off the t-shirt, create a V-neck shirt by sewing the fabric onto the t-shirt. Ensure you leave the shoulders open and only sew the material onto the front and back of the shirt.

If you are not using a sewing machine, simply cut triangles into the shoulders of the t-shirt, leaving enough material to keep the collar in place. You now have a cold shoulder t-shirt to keep your style fresh.

7. The Muscle T-Shirt Cut

The muscle t-shirt cut is a great cut to use if you need to create a stylish exercise t-shirt that will keep you cool while working out and not restrict your movements. This is a great cutting technique to use if you are working with a really old t-shirt, as it will breathe new life into it.

To create this cut, you need to measure to about 4 or 5 inches up the sides of the t-shirt from the bottom. Then you need to cut the sleeves off in a big circle to meet the marks you made on each side of the shirt. This will create a tank top that dips low on the sides.

You can then cut the collar into a low circle cut. This will make a light t-shirt that allows maximum airflow to keep you cool. You can take this cut further by tying the back of the t-shirt together, right above the shoulder blades, to give the shirt an interesting twist.

8. The V-Neck T-Shirt Cut

The V-neck t-shirt cut is relatively easy to create, but it is becoming a popular look as it’s simple yet elegant. With this cut, you will leave the collar on the t-shirt and start your cut right under the collar. This will give your t-shirt a cute choker effect.

To make this cut, you will need to turn your t-shirt inside out and lay it on a flat, even surface with the front of the t-shirt facing up. Measure the t-shirt and make a mark with a pen in the middle of the collar.

Once this mark has been made, cut a horizontal line below the mark. Keep cutting this horizontal line until you have the width of the V-neck you want. Be sure to cut both sides; otherwise, you will end up with a skew V-neck.

Once the horizontal line is cut, begin cutting the t-shirt diagonally from the ends of the horizontal cut to create the V shape. You can make the V-neck as deep as you want it by extending the diagonal cuts.

You should now have a triangle cut under the collar of the t-shirt. Flip the shirt the right way around and look at your masterful work.

9. The Crop Top T-Shirt Cut

The crop top t-shirt cut has been around for years and is now considered a classic that you cannot go wrong with. So, this cut is perfect as it can bring new life to any old t-shirt you have lying around in your wardrobe.

To make this cut, you need to place the t-shirt on a smooth, flat surface and measure where you want the hem of the crop top to be. You can make the t-shirt as long or as short as you want it. With a measuring tape, mark a straight line through the t-shirt where you want the cut to be.

Cut the t-shirt from one side to the other, using the guideline you have made. Ensure to cut right above the line to leave no pen marks on the upper part of the t-shirt. When the cut has been made, stretch out the new hem of the t-shirt to give it a cleaner look, and you have a new crop top ready to wear.

10. The Wing Back T-Shirt Cut

The wing-back t-shirt cut is easy to accomplish and will not take you too long to complete. This cut is a great way to create a lovely design on the back of your t-shirt if you don’t want to touch the front due to a print on the shirt that’s already there.

This cut is a casual look perfect for family BBQs and get-togethers with friends. Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface, with the back facing up. Measure out a square on the upper part of the T-shirt, right where your shoulder blades would be.

Cut the square out, but leave the lower part attached to the t-shirt. Fold the two loose ends of the square in on each other and lightly sew them together at the top. Then bring the part of the t-shirt above the square down until the sewed ends of the square reach the top of the collar at the back.

Sew these two pieces of the t-shirt together. When you are done, and you put the t-shirt on, you should have a butterfly shape on the back of your t-shirt.


Cutting old t-shirts into a new design is a great way to give your old t-shirts new life and a new look that matches your style. There are so many ways you can cut your t-shirts, so you are bound to find a technique that you like, but you should give them all a try if you can as they are all fun to do. Good luck re-designing your old t-shirts!